This spring, a few Midwest growers will be planting a new kind of apple tree! The variety formerly known as MN 1980, has now been named...Triumph.

Triumph apples won't be ready for us to purchase for a few years yet, but you have to start somewhere, right? The University of Minnesota says that in about four or five years, Triumph apples will be sold at farmers markets and orchards around the state, but probably not at large supermarkets, retailers or grocery stores.

The reason? The U of M is selling these trees to home consumers and small orchards as a disease resistant apple tree for people who want to plant apple trees in their yards.

Triumph is the 28th apple tree that the U of M has released through its apple breeding program. This apple is a cross between two other U of M Creations; The Honeycrisp and The Liberty.


What does the new Triumph apple taste like? The experts describe it as an apple with a firm, red skin, and a "slightly tart taste."  Sounds like a great apple to make a homemade apple pie to me.


Last fall, the U of M sent out a request for suggestions, and received around 500 suggestions. They finally decided on "Triumph"; a name suggested from a U of M grad student, Stephen Brockman, who works in the Hegeman Lab. Stephen said, "I chose the name Triumph because creating a fruit cultivator of such high quality is quite literally, a triumph. It's just as much a name as a description."

The last apple the U of M introduced was named "First Kiss" back in 2017. You can learn more about this new variety by clicking here.

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