Some people have bad habits that can become problems for other people -- smoking, swearing and texting while driving.  Others have habits that they need to break just to keep the rest of the world sane.

The Daily Mail put out a list of the top habits people want to break.  The obvious were on there like smoking, eating fast food and even Facebook.  Those are all good things to try and give up but they're not for me.  I don't smoke, sometimes fast food is inevitable and Facebook has become an essential.

Here are the five habits I would like to break but in all reality, I probably won't:

1.  Stop humanizing the dog -- She's my pal and I like to at least pretend I know what she's thinking but let's be honest the only things she's concerned about are her food, treats and when someone is going to play with her next.

2.  Give up Mountain Dew -- This is pretty much the only pop I drink and my only source of caffeine.  I have tried giving it up in the past but I tell ya, it's not pretty.  I wouldn't bet on this one ever happening.

3.  Stop singing in the car -- You know how you see those people in their cars and they have the radio cranked up singing their hearts out?  I'm one of those people.  I apparently think I can belt out a tune just as well as Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride or Sara Evans.  Who am I kidding?  I got nothing, nada, zilch when it comes to singing talent.

4.  Using a straightener on my hair -- I'm the worst with this and I end up doing damage to my hair (which I've always said is my most important organ.)  My hairstylist has given me a hard time and I've tried to give it up but I just can't.

5.  Retail therapy --  I love shopping to begin with, but if I'm sad and/or depressed my checkbook had best watch out.  I have gotten a little better with this, but I just haven't fully given it up yet.

All of these sound like good New Year's Resolutions so maybe I will put out a bit more effort once 2014 hits.  There's another habit I'd like to break -- procrastination!