I'm a child of the 1980's, although I don't remember them at all.  I discovered the good, the bad and the ugly of that decade later in life.  One thing I realized was there were several good movies that came out in the '80's and I've come up with a few that I think every kid should see.

1.  Dirty Dancing -- I just love this movie.  Unlike with Miley Cyrus, you won't see anything like twerking here! There are so many things people can learn from this film and it's fun without being raunchy.  I think there are some subjects that are a little more for the adults but overall, it's a fun movie for the whole family.  I think Patrick Swayze is so adorable in this movie!  I just love the ending dance scene.

2.  Who Framed Roger Rabbit? --  This is one of my all time favorite movies.  I've watched it ever since I was a kid.   I think it's hilarious, a bit far fetched and probably contains a bit of adult humor, but still a classic.  Here's one of my favorite scenes from the movie.

3.  Ghostbusters -- I can remember getting up early every weekday morning as a kid and watching this as a cartoon.  I just loved it, it was one of my favorites.  I would go around singing the theme song all the time.  Imagine my excitement when I found out they had made a movie out of it.  Oh, and the cast is just awesome.

4.  The Breakfast Club -- This movie is one every teenager should see.  I watched it for a class in high school and I was bored with at first but once it was over, I realized what a positive message it has.  These kids come from all different walks of life and they each have special talents and it's cool to see them come together as friends.

5.  A Christmas Story -- I know this is a seasonal one but it's still a classic.  I mean, seriously, who doesn't love kids daring each other to stick their tongues to a pole, leg lamps and  Red Ryder BB Guns?  It's a fun movie for the whole family to watch at Christmas time.

I think these are some of the best movies I've seen.  They're funny without being totally inappropriate and most movies today don't compare.