The month of March is National Nutrition Month and the St. Cloud V.A. is observing this by offering numerous options for veterans.  St. Cloud V.A. Dietician Anne Voigt and St. Cloud V.A. Public Affairs Officer Barry Venable joined me on WJON.  Voigt says their theme this year is "fuel for the future".  She says the goal is to help veterans fuel themselves for longevity which means they have have a healthy eating approach for each person long term.

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Voigt explained that each veteran is different and what foods they would be interested in.  She says the V.A. has some class offering with the Move Program, virtual classes and face to face classes.  Voigt explains they also have live healthy kitchen classes.  She says they look to see where veterans want to make changes to their diet and help them with that.  Voigt indicates a 7-day meal plan could be a part of that.

Each veteran may require different types of nutrition needs.  Voigt says they take into account allergies, food sensitivities, high blood pressure and family history is shaping what could be a healthy diet for each veteran going forward.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Anne Voigt and Barry Venable it is available below.


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