Radio just doesn't get any respect anymore. And apparently, a broadcasting career doesn't lead to much 'action' anymore, either.

Tinder is here to poke (...) it's head into everybody's business again, this time our professions. They want everybody to know the most "right-swiped" (I assume that's the good direction) jobs on Tinder.

The results are a little odd.

The Most Attractive Jobs For Men To Have

1) Interior Designer (?!?!?!)
2) Pilot (I assume they mean a good one)
3. Physician's Assistant (not a doctor? HAHAHAHA)
#4: Lawyer ($$$)
Five: Public Relations
6) Producer (huh huh)
Siete: Visual Designer
Ocho: Model
Neine: College Student (W?! T?! F?!)
10: Engineer


The Most Attractive Jobs For Women To Have

1) Nurse (of course)
2) Dentist (I think we like to be taken care of)
3) Photographer
4) College Student (Are they polling idiots? THIS ISN'T A JOB!!!)
5) Pharmacist (cheap meds!)
6) Teacher (...)
7) Flight Attendant (gooder Mile-High Club odds)
8) Entrepreneur (preferably Interior Design so that she can give us a sexy job)
9) Personal Trainer (whip us back into shape!)
10) Waitress/Bartender (again, we like to be taken care of)

Guys & Gals: which job do YOU think is sexiest? Comment below!

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