The Twins are red hot right now! They are on a winning streak and are showing now signs of stopping. This past Memorial Day weekend, the Sunday game saw the largest attendance at Target Field since 2016.

I was one of those people at the game and the crowds were crazy. It's safe to say that people are fired up about seeing their Twins winning, the atmosphere as a lot of fun!  But when it comes to being at the ball park, it gets a little crowded.


We were lucky enough to be able to enter through the "Express Lane" gate (aka no bags to check) and that still was super slow moving. We got to the bottom of the steps at Gate 34 and it took us 20 minutes to shuffle past the Golden Glove statue.

So be warned: if you want to see the Twins on this hot streak, leave early and be prepared to be shoulder to shoulder with other Minnesotans. But it's a small price to pay for our ball team to be on top!

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