The internet -- for all intents and purposes -- belongs to the trolls. Any subject, and opinion, any subject to trolling.

I miss when trolling meant a way to fish.

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Here fishy fishy fishy! (Getty Images)

The most un-internet thing happened the other day.

While perusing the area Rants & Raves sections on Craiglist -- because they can be quite entertainint -- I came across a rare genuine venting.

Screenshot via Craigslist
Screenshot via Craigslist

Open pleads to the internet is almost always met with...the internet. It usually involves hurtful digs by d*ckheads who feel empowered by the anonymity of the internet.

But not this time.


There were two responses, and both of them seemed...human. As in "human" and not "troll."

I didn't know that there was any kind of contest for who suffered the most in life. So is the winner the bigger loser?

I'd say you're better off just admitting that life can suck at times but you're better off moving on. Maybe the best start is to actually support those that don't have it that good, and maybe actually had it significantly better than you, but are having a rough patch.

How is doing anything different going to make your life any better? If you're going to do nothing but focus on how things suck why would things ever get better?

That's real advice there. Things won't get better without some effort.

Here's Response Two:

Sorry to read about your situation.

Kinda thinking you weren't ready to end those relationships. Only because it clearly bothers you; posting on craigslist is a sadly desperate way to handle your personal situation.

I agree with first response, if you truly want to move on, than you must do so. Each of us does that in his/her own way.

Would add that you may need someone to talk to that can give you professional advice on how to do that.

Best of luck!

What?! "Sorry" and "Best of luck" in a response to raw emotion? Dayyyyum!  There's hope for this planet after all!

Then I read the other posts and immediately lose hope for the world again. But nowadays we take our little victories when we can.

I hope this person finds peace. Good luck!

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