Hate on it all you want, but chances are good you had an uncle with this exact sweater in the 90's. Ugly Sweater season is here and I am ready for it! I've noticed that the uglier they are, the more cozy they feel. I found this ~*gem*~ at the Bargain Barn in Long Prairie and I'm pretty sure I only paid $3 for it. I would like to make the argument that this is the most Minnesotan sweater ever. It has multiple loons, a lake backdrop, deer silhouettes, and when worn gives off the "I have a killer tater tot hot dish recipe" vibe.


I once took a cardio class down in the cities and someone came in late wearing this exact sweater. It was probably the coolest moment of my life. I told her I had the same one and she got super excited. People of a loon sweater flock together.

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