Spring training for the Minnesota Twins is underway this week. As they prepare to play this spring, and we prepare to cheer them on, here is a quick reminder of the "unwritten rules" of baseball.

  1.  Don't talk about a no-hitter in progress. These games don't happen often, so don't jinx one that could happen!
  2. If a pitcher hits a teammate, retaliate by hitting one of theirs. An eye for an eye, or batter for a batter.
  3. On-field fights involve EVERYONE. That includes the guys that need to jog from the bullpen. Who says baseball isn't full contact?
  4. Don't admire a home run. Other sports celebrate, baseball does not. America's pastime is too classy for show boating.
  5. Don't steal bases when you're team is far behind or has a big lead. Baseball is about respect. Don't run up your own stats, and don't make the team look like they are showing off to the other.

Is there an unwritten rule to Twins baseball that you believe in? Let us know in the comments below and we will add it!

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