You learn something new about Central Minnesota every single day.

As the weather gets colder, my mom is starting to get ready for her winter quilting projects, and my grandma and I are jumping in on the craft this year as well. She has a new sewing machine she hasn't even unboxed, and I have a new-to-me machine that is aching for a project. So the three of us loaded into the car to hit up Gruber's Quilt Shop in St. Cloud.

The log sided strip mall building is pretty unassuming sitting across from Crossroads. When I saw that they were the largest in the Midwest I was a tad bit skeptical. The outside wasn't giving off "largest" vibes. But walking into it is another story.

You are greeted with carts of fabric and quilt samples hanging from the walls before you even officially enter into the store. There are quilting kits and fabric bolts as far as the eye can see. There is even a vinyl cutout over the door that says "prepare to be overwhelmed." I thought that was cute and cheeky. It is 100% accurate. So. Much. Fabric.

Abbey Minke

In addition to all the fabric, there is also the largest selection of yarn in the Midwest. No one is going cold this winter with this much crafting supplies sitting in our neck of the woods.

Unfortunately, the main quilt kit we went in for wasn't in stock. It was a popular one and we didn't get there fast enough. But my grandma did find one that she liked, and my mom picked up a pattern for one so it wasn't a total bust. It was a super cool store, and I'm glad I know that it exists and is right where we live.

Also, look at this cool old sewing machine they had. I love old stuff.

Abbey Minke
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