In case you were in the market for a five pound rock.

Minnesota's state gem stone is the Lake Superior Agate. These semi-precious stones can be found all around the world, but as the name dictates, are most commonly found around the shore of Lake Superior. Their distinct rings are made of mineral quartz and layers of chalcedony. They were formed 1.2 billion years ago via volcanic activity along what now is the North Shore.

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This special "Heart of Minnesota" agate was originally listed on Ebay June 26th, 2019.

This is a very rare large agate weighing in at 5.56 pounds. Lots of micro banding and quartz. Yellow, red, orange, brown, white in colors. Displays and sits in multiple different angles . Add this rare large beautiful agate to your collection.
What's really cool about this stone is that it is actually shaped like a human heart. It features quartz in the center, and looks totally different from every angle, making it a really unique piece. If you're into that kind of thing.
The rock now resides with the seller in North Branch, MN, and can be all yours for $1,249. Plus $10.55 for shipping and handling.
Would this be something you would put on display in your house? I think it would look really nice on a cabin coffee table. Plus it might make a great conversation starter about how you dropped over a grand for a rock on the internet.

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