The Fate of the Furious hit theaters this past Easter weekend - hitting new box office records (and blowing the Star Wars franchise out of the water) with an estimated $532.5 million world wide. The entire F&F series has been extremely successful - so which one is the best so far?

The Holy Grail in the cinemas world is The Fast and the Furious franchise - with eight full length films and two side projects connecting the series together. And word on the street is that the franchise has no plans of slowing down, already adding two more films to the future lineup. And with such shocking numbers in the box office it comes as no surprise.



Almost everyone has seen a The Fast and the Furious movie. It's basically impossible to escape them. But do you know one movie from the next? Are you able to pick your absolute favorite? Is this new The Fate of the Furious the best in the series? Cast your vote for the best of all time (so far) below!

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