Escalators are supposed to be convenient. Don't like the stairs? Don't bother! Want to be able to get places while looking around and not have to worry about tripping over something or walking into someone? Escalators!

We've seen escalators that are broken and have been shut down/downgraded to "stairs," but this is a first.

An escalator that tried to run away.


We travel to (when in) Rome where riders of a "down" escalator (i.e. an escalator that is going, if you will...wait, shouldn't it then be called a de-escalator?!) were simply trying to get to their train when the (de-)escalator they were on went (for lack of a gooder word) BAT-S**T OUT OF CONTROL.

Fortunately, there were no deaths. Twenty people sustained injuries, some serious. This might just be the catalyst that gets my fat self to take the stairs every time.


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