We all know the month of August signals the of end of summer, but for me it signals something much worse -- back to school shopping.

Personally I am not a fan of crowds. If I do go shopping its a quick get in and get out routine (this was true even before COVID). However with my son going back to school I needed to make sure he was set for the fall.

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Now I tend to stock up when it comes to school supplies. I have several drawers full of notebooks, pens, pencils, folders (heck some of them are still new from when I was in school).

So as I looked through his school supply list I figured alright I got all this stuff at home so I won't need to make a mad dash to the store and fight off the other parents for the last of the supplies in stock.

I'm not sure if you've looked through a school supply list lately but it's not as simple as a notebook and folder anymore. You need to have the specific brand -- which I didn't.

As I loaded up the family in the car we made our way to the store. I loathed every minute of it (remember I don't like crowds). When we arrived it was every one for themselves.

I pushed and shoved my way through the labyrinth of school supplies for what felt like hours (really ten minutes at most) only to come up short because the brands I needed were out of stock.

Was it worth it? Sure my son was happy and excited for school. Will I be going back in the future, no way. I'll order the rest online.


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