The dreaded email from the boss, have you ever had one of these?  I think I've had them all, maybe within the span of a week.

I found these at a tech site, and I think they hit it right on the nose.

1. “Are you still awake?” - You're resting comfortably and you see an email come on your phone... you feel compelled to answer it... not a good idea if you want to actually get some sleep.

2. “About this weekend” - Classic Friday Afternoon email... you're just about ready for freedom and it's snapped away from you.

3. “Scheduling your yearly review”-UGH... nobody wants that, you quickly run through your head possible scenerios that might come up.

4. “Hey” - The scariest email subject line of them all. “Hey” could mean ANYTHING. A compliment, criticism, idle chit-chat... ANYTHING. Be afraid... be very afraid.

5. “Small favor” - Small favors don't exist... it usually means completely overhauling your schedule.

6. “I know you’re on vacation” … and I don’t care. I have a problem you need to fix ASAP.

7. “We have to talk”  RED ALERT. RED ALERT.  Never have on of these emails ended well.

8. “Before you leave today, stop by my office” - Am I getting fired or a raise, could be either.

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