The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has nailed down what the perfect weather day is in Minnesota.

Everyone's interpretation of this is bound to be different. We all love different things, I prefer it to be in the upper 80's, sunny, and have a lake in my general vicinity. I have a coworker who thinks the ideal weather day is cold and snowy so he can go snowmobiling.

Kenny Blumenfeld, a senior climatologist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, has determined what the ideal weather situation is for a summer day in Minnesota. The best part is that it is based on what days people tend to do the least complaining.

“What we found though is that nobody complains when it’s 78 degrees and sunny. So what you’re really looking for are temperatures during the day in the 70s, lows at night either in the upper 50s or low 60s.”

It isn't overly scientific, but they have named it the "Summer Glory Index". For a perfect score three things need to happen:

  1. The daily high temperature must be between 73 and 79 d
  2. The low should be around 60
  3. There can’t be any rain, and the humidity must be below 60 degrees

Easy enough, right Mother Nature?

How has the summer of 2020 scored on this index? Somewhere in the middle, it hasn't been the best or worst. So far we have had over 50 days in the 80s, and 14 in the 90s, which take major point deductions on the overall score.

I don't care how hot and humid it has been, I say it beats winter every day.

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