Perhaps you've seen a video like the one below

That's...that's not how you're supposed to use a condom. Sheesh.

So the latest media frenzy about teenagers (aside from the Parkland shooting survivors) is about the supposed return of teenagers snorting condoms through their nose and out their mouth. After the Tide Pod Challenge idiocy of January, it seemed perfectly feasible that the teens are revisiting their greatest hits for stupid things to do while being recorded and then putting it on the internet for everybody to point and say, "EW!"

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Nope. Just...nope...all of them... (Getty Images)

What the heck? As in, "What the heck, MEDIA?!"


The Condom Snorting Challenge was a dumb hit among teenagers in 2013...but not 2018. Apparently, old videos are being shared like they're new.

According to, here's what's true:

YouTube videos, mostly dating from 2013, capture young people inhaling condoms into their nostrils as part of a so-called "condom snorting challenge."

And here's what ISN'T true:

Despite an uptick in media hand-wringing over the alleged "craze" in 2018, few people appeared to have attempted it since the challenge first went viral in 2013.

It's not "fake news," more like "old news."

So fear not, parents! Your kids are probably not snorting condoms. They're too busy doing something else stupid. What's that, you ask? I don't know yet.


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