I've got less than 24 hours to prepare for a comedy show with my good friend Jason Schommer.  Here's the deal. Jason is an amazing comedian...his jokes are last minute, gut splitting; super funny..and he's a natural talent.  He'll be planning his stand up right until showtime tonight at 7:30pm at Great River Arts in Little Falls...and as luck would have will I.

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He put me to the test this week. I didn't have any time to learn the songs for his show until yesterday. Less than 24 hours away from showtime, and I have to learn 6 songs...wait...this just in ... getting two more songs to add the bunch.... here's how I do it.

Kelly Cordes
Kelly Cordes



I loaded all of the songs that I needed to learn on Spotify, and listened to them about a hundred times while I drove my son to a college in Wisconsin that he's interested in. It was a total of about 4 hours of solid listening...listening...listening.

As soon as I returned home, abut 6 pm, I went to my computer and looked up all the lyrics to the songs; I copied and pasted them to a word document and saved them in my Jason file.

Before I saved them though, I put specific markings on my lyric sheet, where I new I would need some help...pauses...words to emphasize.. where to take a music break and for how long.

Then, I took my lyric sheets, my phone and my pen down to the studio and listened and wrote out all the chords of each line of the songs on my music lyric sheets. I played thru each of them about 4 times...and now I'm getting ready for one more review before I leave the house for dress rehearsal, the final run at 2 pm today; which will take me right up to showtime.


We all have our talents right?  Mine might be fitting as much into a 24 hour period as I can...thus...a full day of listening to the songs, and then charting them out and rehearsing the day of, will hopefully pay off. It's like the little train that could; I know I can, I know I can.

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