I remember just sitting outside on my Mom and Dad's farm when I was a kid, just looking up in amazement at all the stars..the milky was amazing!  There's nothing like staring at the stars from a dark country location. Most of our listeners that live on farms out in the country know something the rest of the world never will...There is nothing like the amazing sky from a country farm. It's absolutely breathtaking.

If you never get to the outskirts of town, or to a local farm, then you may want to check out these other amazing sky and star gazing locations in our state. However, most of these locations only feature viewings of the sky in the spring and fall months. For summertime viewing, your best bet is to get out to a friends farm, a boat in the middle of a lake, or camping in a dark area, so that beautiful starry sky delivers it's brilliance to you.

The Tate Laboratory offers Friday night viewings in the Spring and Fall. Click on the title above to find out more.

If you've never been to a show at SCSU'ss Planetarium, you're missing out. They have a small planetarium that delivers a great view of the sky. It sort of feels like your over at your friends Rich Dad's house. It's totally cool!

During this summertime event happening July 11-14th, there will be nightly tours to the Eagle Lake Observatory, plus many more touring opportunities during the day to museums.

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