Turns out Minnesotans are pretty good at solving word puzzles. The website Word.tips revealed that the town of St. Paul has the best Wordle score in the nation with an average of 3.51.

St. Paul, Minnesota, leaves other American cities in the dust with an average Wordle score of 3.51, making it the US Capital of Wordle. Just consider that 3.51 average means many St Paulites are regularly nailing the daily word in three guesses or fewer.

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The study is based on data gathered from Twitter. Here are some of the key findings:

  • Canberra, Australia is the global city with the best Wordle average3.58 guesses.
  • Sweden is the world’s best country at Wordle, with an average of 3.72.
  • The US is ranked #18 in the world for Wordle, with a national average of 3.92.
  • The American state with the best Wordle average is North Dakota (3.65).
  • The US city with the best Wordle scores is Saint Paul, Minnesota, with an average of 3.51.

St. Paul shouldn't get too comfortable with that best score position. It has a couple of cities hot on its heels, Reading, PA had an average score of 3.56, and Ann Arbor, MI came in at 3.59.

The website that did this study also revealed that Wordle can't last forever. If it continues with it's format of one five-letter-word per day, it will run out of words by the year 2028. Of course by that time you'd think we would all be ok with guessing repeat words. I can't remember what I ate for breakfast, much less what past words were used on Wordle.

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