I was born and raised in Minnesota; and although I knew of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, I don't remember reading stories about how this giant man came into existence.

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I started researching Paul this morning, after a friend told me that Paul Bunyan's ax is what carved our Great Lakes. What a great story! Here are some other things you may not have known about the mighty Paul Bunyan.

According to VisitBemidji.com:

  • Talk about a big frying pan. Paul Bunyan had a frying pan that would cover one acre! The cooks greased the pan by dragging pieces of bacon behind them as they skated across the pan, all for the love of making pancakes for Paul. What a story!
  • Paul Bunyan was 63 ax handles high. Holy Cow! Or Ox in this case.
  • Babe was 42 ax handles wide, from the tip of one horn to the tip of the other. Wow! I like the measuring technique.
  • Apparently it took a crow one full day to fly from the tip of one of Babe's horns to the other.   Really!?!?!?!/ Well...it sounds believable. Who could make something like this up? It's far too 'out there' not to be true. Right?
  • Paul Bunyan and Babe's footsteps created The 10,000 Lakes of Minnesota. You can prove this is true by looking at the shape of the lakes. And it makes sense...other states don't have NEAR as many lakes as we do. The only explanation could be that this giant man and his ox were walking alot.
  • Did you know that Paul actually trained 2000 pound ants to work for him? I'm not sure where he found them, but each ant could do the work of 50 men. Imagine!

There are many adorable, fun stories you can share with your kids about Paul Bunyan by clicking HERE now.  Enjoy!


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