1. Thou Shalt Not Do Yard Work

This is not a day for yard work or landscaping projects. If your lake neighbors hear a chainsaw, they will hate you. Mow the day before.

2. Thou Shall Have The Cooler Stocked

Plan ahead and make sure you have enough beverages (and ice!) to stay hydrated throughout the day.

3. Thou Shall Blow Up Thy Own Floatie

The Lord helps those who inflate their own.

4. And on that note, Bring Thy Own Floatie

Or at least text someone and politely ask to borrow one.

5. Honor the Grill Master

Don't micro manage the person manning the grill. They can handle it.


6. Shareth Thy Snacks

Especially if you brought Top the Tater and chips.

7. Wave At All Watercrafts Passing by the Dock, and Vice Versa

Don't be rude on America's birthday. Wave at the neighbors driving by on the pontoon.

8. Thou Shall Wear Sunscreen

It'll make July 5th a much more comfortable day.

9. Be Aware of Firework Launching

Anything that flies or explodes is illegal in Minnesota. Play it safe, and what you do light off be careful about.

10. Display Thy Patriotism

Even a simple American flag at the end of the dock is a nice touch. And don't forget to have fun!

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