The weather is getting nicer and it's getting so much easier to get outside and do some things.  It's the "way" in Minnesota.  As soon as the weather reaches anywhere near 40 people want to get out and start doing some more outdoor activities.  Of course there are those die-hard winter people who want to get outside and do outdoor activities in the winter.. that's not me.   I suffer through winter to get to Spring, Summer and Fall.

Google Maps street view
Google Maps street view

If you are like me and can't wait to get outside, but it's still a bit chilly for everything you'd like to do outside...let's face it, it's faux Spring right now, it might be time to get in the vehicle and do some exploring around Minnesota.

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There are so many places to discover.  When I was a kid my dad and I used to get on the motorcycle and go "road hunting".  That was a little game of "let's see where this road goes".  It was fun.  But this suggestion is more about the roadside attractions that you can find all around Minnesota.

First there is Babe the Blue Ox.  You can find this giant ox and it's companion Paul Bunyan in Bemidji.  You can also check out Paul Bunyan Land a few miles North of Brainerd.

There is also the Jolly Green Giant.  I almost want to hear him say "Ho Ho Ho Green Giant".  This can be found in Blue Earth, and also in the Giant Museum.

If you want to head to New Ulm, Minnesota.  You can check out the 102 foot monument of Hermann the German.

A little closer to St. Cloud there is also cruising to Alexandria.  There you will find Big Ole, the Viking warrior.  I feel like as kids we were all fairly familiar with Big Ole.

There are some other places to check out that are totally worth the drive too... and a photo op. As they say... take some time to "Explore Minnesota".

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