Barak Obama ‘Sings’ Justin Bieber [VIDEO]
We all feel the need to belt out a good tune every once in a while right? Whether you're alone in your car or in the shower, or maybe you have been blessed with a good enough voice to sing in public from time to time. Well President Obama clearly has no shame in his singing abilities, check out…
President Obama…Can Sing! [VIDEO]
Last night the president visited the Apollo Theater in New York for a fundraiser and when he got on the podium instead of speaking, he first belted out a bit of Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together'. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized he didn't sound half bad...
Singing Christmas Hedgehogs [VIDEO]
I spend a lot of time looking at videos on the internet everyday (a really embarrassing amount of time...embarrassing) but I have not seen anything that tickled me so much as these singing Christmas Hedgehogs.....well, ever.