Did He Really Just Propose Like That? [VIDEO]
What in the world was this guy thinking? Men....they really have no idea what women want do they? For some reason this guy thought it would be a great idea to propose to his girlfriend while faking a plane crash, yes I'm serious. I would have said no!
Man Fakes Death Right Before Proposing to Girlfriend
Before popping the question to his girlfriend, Russian man Alexey Bykov wanted to give her a quick taste of what her life would be like without him. So the 30-year-old businessman hired a stuntman, a make-up artist, actors and even a screenwriter to help him fake his own death.
A Proposal That Took Six Years [VIDEO]
Is six years too long to wait for a marriage proposal? Not when it's as, "OMG! It's just like a movie!" romantic as this one was. I hope this guy gets a lot of love from his woman because every other guy on the planet right now.
Miranda Lambert Dishes On How Blake Shelton Proposed
Miranda Lambert joined fellow blond Chelsea Handler on ‘Chelsea Lately’ last night (Nov. 17). The acid-tongued Handler is known for her sarcastic humor and her whip-smart dialogue with her guests, so we were anxious to see how the equally ballsy and funny Lambert would play off…
Marriage Proposal On Dierks Bentley Tour Bus [VIDEO]
Dierks helped out on a marriage proposal after a show in Montana.  The couple came onto Dierks bus  where he pulled out a guitar and played "My Last Name" with some help from the groom.  The whole event is captured on video.  DOES SHE SAY YES?