If this winter has taught us anything, it's that fish houses are for way more than just plopping down on a frozen lake. Lucky's Saloon in Swanville is inviting people to come set up their ice fishing houses for outdoor/indoor dining this coming weekend.

Governor Tim Walz updated the newest bar and restaurant restrictions to allow those establishments to be open for indoor dining at 50% capacity, with a maximum of 150 people. Parties of no more than six people, with bar seating open to parties of two. Reservations are required, and establishments must close by 10:00 p.m. This all goes into effect Monday, January 11th.

Until then, bars and restaurants across the state are open for take out and outdoor dining, but a lot of places have found a loophole around that, serving people in parking lot fish houses.

Lucky's Saloon in Swanville shared on Facebook:

Forget the ice! This Saturday bring your fish house to Lucky’s parking lot! From 11am-5:30pm we will have outdoor service!

During this time, they will have buckets of beer for $15, happy hour from 1-3 pm, and a cheeseburger basket special for $7.95.

I'm a self-proclaimed "indoor kid" when it comes to winter, but I spend every weekend of my summers in Swanville hanging out at a lake in the area. I'm thinking this will be the perfect way to get back to that neck of the woods this weekend.

Get your fish house, and your friends together and go out and catch some beers this weekend! Just don't try to drill a hole in the parking lot.

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