A recent survey conducted by Play Canada, ranked the NHL Mascots from best to worst, and there were some odd categories in there as well. Some mascots got more than a ranking. I found the results from azcentral.

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The top five mascots in the rankings were as follows:

1. Toronto Maple Leafs' Carlton the Bear
2. Buffalo Sabres' Sabretooth
3. Arizona Coyotes' Howler the Coyote
4. St. Louis Blues' Louis
5. Washington Capitols' Slapshot

The bottom five mascots in the rankings, sadly included:
26. Vancouver Canucks' Fin the Whale
27. Montreal Canadiens' Youppi!
28. Ottawa Senators' Spartacat
29.Calgary Flames' Harvey the Hound
30. Columbus Blue Jackets' Stringer

How awful is it for Mascots, the pride of the team, to be ranked as the worst mascots in the NHL?  Ouch. I would be crying underneath the huge mascot animal head.

The survey that was conducted, asked approximately 2000 fans of the NHL from both Canada and the United States to rank all of the mascots on a scale of 1 to 5. Since I didn't see the actual survey, I'm assuming it's sort of like a 5 star rating, with 5 stars being the best.

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In the life of a mascot, there's a fine line between being charismatic, fun and energetic, and being totally obnoxious. Unfortunately, fans are breaking the heart of Philadelphia Flyers' Gritty, who was voted the MOST obnoxious, with Al the Octopus of the Detroit Red Wings coming in as a close second.


So...where does that leave us? Where did the Minnesota Wilds' Nordy fall in the survey? Not bad! Nordy came in at number 10.


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