I have to admit; I can always tell if an individual is taking garlic supplements. Although I like garlic in my food, I don't go as far as taking garlic supplements. Even if it's good for you, I'm well aware of the scent that people have who take garlic regularly. They are always telling you the reason they are so healthy is because they take garlic supplements. Shocker; you don't have to tell anyone you're taking it. They can smell you a mile away. Readers Digest just came out with a list of some other foods that could potentially make you smelly.


I've heard about Asparagus making your urine smell funky; and I DEFINITELY think it does. Although they are both really good for you, they have a lot of sulfur so if you notice you smell funky after eating them, try cooking them in boiling water instead of steaming them. This will eliminate most of the smelliness.


Although most of alcohol is taken care of by your liver, there is a small amount that comes out in your sweat. So if you feel like you smell like stale beer; you probably do.


There was a study done in 2006 that showed women were more attracted to vegetarian men because their sweat smelled better than meat eaters. Red meat is hard to digest and it mixes with bacteria and also comes out in your sweat.


Have you ever heard of Fish Oder Syndrome?  It's a real thing. It's really rare, but if you have it, you probably know it. It will make your sweat smell 'fishy."


What?! My coffee? I know everyone gets coffee breath, but do we sweat coffee too? Actually...chill out. Stimulants like caffeine make you sweat MORE; which means you could end up sweating out more of the odors mentioned above if you're drinking coffee, eating meat, throwing a little alcohol in there, and taking your garlic supplements. You could be THE super stinker of the year.

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