ST. CLOUD -- When the Super Bowl 52 events kick off this weekend a team of 10,000 volunteers known as "Crew 52" will be there to help guide visitors coming from across the country.

Two of those volunteers are Diane Hageman and her husband from St. Cloud. Hageman says, after all the reports of the Eagles' fans bad behavior towards Vikings fans this past Sunday, there has been a lot of talk among the volunteers about how they'll welcome them to our state.

There is a closed Facebook group and there was a lot of chatter about that on there.  Really the attitude is we are all about Minnesota hospitality and Minnesota nice.  The majority of people are going to be super excited to be here and just want our help.

She says it's their job to get people to where they're going.

Knowledge about the area.  I just have been trying to spend time learning about what's going on at Nicollet Mall the times that we're there.

Hageman says there are about 75 volunteers from the St. Cloud metro area.

Hageman and her husband have been assigned four-hour shifts this weekend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Each of the 10,000 volunteers got a swag bag that included a jacket, hat, mittens, scarf, and backpack.

Photo by's Richard Leguil

The volunteers had to apply for the opportunity and be interviewed for a spot.  Once they were selected they needed to attend two training sessions.

There are events in the Twin Cities running every day from this Friday through Super Bowl Sunday on February 4th.

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