Dad and I worked over the weekend to turn my not so good looking garage door into a work of art...okay...maybe that's a little extreme. But the lighter shading on the bottom of the door and the paint chips that had weathered away my garage, were miraculously gone after Dad and I spent an entire afternoon painting. We fixed up the garage door, and several other doors to the house to make it look nice and new.


Kelly Cordes
Kelly Cordes


I'm sure Tanner and Mason won't realize until years from now, but they got to spend some quality time with their Grandpa this summer on several projects, including hanging pictures in the house, working on the backyard, and shingling our new old shed.

Grandma and Grandpa came over on several occasions and worked on the fencing for Sampson; making sure the yard was extended to the garage and high enough so he wouldn't 'jump over."


We've got lots more work to do; next project? Painting the entire house. I've studied and sent my Dad a full report on what we need to do to get a professional look for my stucco home. What's next...It depends on how much time we have left? The deck?

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