Ok, first things first: Minnesota has an official 'Summer Glory Index' to measure the awesomeness of summer weather in the state? Only in a land that experiences -40 degree temps, and -80 degree wind chills would this be a real thing. (But, this has been a nice summer.)

Minnesota DNR
Minnesota DNR

The index adds and subtracts points to any summer's total score based on temperatures, dew points, and precipitation. 2017's June & July were on par with average, but August knocked the 'pleasant' ball outta the park.

Period2017 Summer Glory Pts
Average (1903 - 2017)
Summer Total1971.21633.1

This August was the 8th nicest in the 115 year history of the index, propelling the Summer of 2017 into the Top-20.

I don't know about you, but I wasn't around for what the index calls the best summer ever in Minnesota back in 1919, nor was I around for what it labels as the most miserable ever in 1947. (Mom? Dad?)


Let's hope the pattern of pleasantness continues into September and October. If I remember correctly, we had temps in the 70s into November last year.

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