An iconic adult entertainment club on Highway 10 in Sauk Rapids has been put on the market.

If you have recently driven past it, you have seen the sign out front flashing that the building is for sale, followed by the phone number for interested buyers. On the Watab Township Facebook page, a user posted more information:

Building for sale in the township:
Sugar Daddy's
3.09 acres
$259,400 tax value.

The comments section of the post was naturally a breeding ground of mixed emotions, people both agreeing and disagreeing with the building and adjoining acres going on the market. One comment that brought a sense of humor to the post was from Kathy Patton:

"What's happening with the Kings?"

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I drive Highway 10 almost every weekend, and the electronic sign outside has read "Closed", followed by the time and temperature, since the pandemic began. I completely understand why a business that has been closed for almost a year has come to the decision to sell. Whether you agree or disagree with the business itself, I think we can all agree that those are unfortunate terms to end on.

The building and lot are in a really good location being right on Highway 10 and on the outskirts of the St. Cloud metro area. I'm sure it will be a great investment for any incoming business.

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