Mental health is finally getting more attention, but it's still not enough. Trying to be empathetic and look out for signs that you have a loved one who's struggling can be overwhelming.

This isn't a definitive list, but here are some subtle signs that it's more than "just a bad day."


1. Your Mood (in general) Tanks
- Bad days happen, a few in a row aren't uncommon; but if your mood is in the dumps for weeks or months, you should get some help.

2. Lashing Out
- For men, the usual signs of depression (sadness, fatigue, etc.) can be seen as a sign of weakness. To compensate, we can get inexplicably angry.


3. You Get Stupid(er?)
- Being unable to express emotions can lead to reckless behavior. Like lashing out, consistent bad judgment is a red flag for depression.

4. Excessive Drinking
- Dopamine is hard to come by when suffering from depression, so getting hammered is a way to compensate.

As a decades-long sufferer of depression, I know that asking for help is nearly impossible. Support groups can help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is:


If talking about it is difficult, try texting instead. Text CONNECT to 741741.

If all else, email me.

Don't suffer alone. Please.

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