"I like beer. It makes me a jolly good fellow." ~ Tom T. Hall

People keep tinkering with beer. Granted, this gets us some fantastic brews. But sometimes they just go to far.

Or...do they?

Beer to Boost Your Libido

Like there needed to be a new way to make drunk guys horny.

A brewery is Ireland thinks there needed to be, and have created a beer that's specially brewed to boost your sex drive. Here I was, thinking that Guinness did that well enough.


The key ingredient (I guess?) is watercressIt has libido-hiking vitamins that make for the perfect storm of booze and brown chicken brown cow. Watercress Warrior beer is currently only available across the pond (that's Europe), but if it's a big enough hit, 'Mericans might be able to replace a little blue pill with a bottle of beer!

Havalur Should Make You Hurl

I didn't think that someone could make a beer grosser than *BREW NAME REDACTED*, but an Icelandic brewery has found a way.

I don't know how you'd do this, but Stedji Brewery makes a beer called Havalur with giant whale testicles.

"Giant whale testicles" is an ingredient...but it gets worse.

Before the ball brewing commences, they smoke the whale testes in sheep poop.


A reviewer (who must be high) claimed the beer tastes, "like a porter with hints of caramel and a smoke, almost meaty aftertaste."

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