On the heels of his multi-week No. 1 single, "Thinking 'Bout You," Dustin Lynch has released a new song to radio off of his brand-new Blue in the Sky album. This time around, it's "Party Mode," a song about drinking, partying and having fun in the sun -- with a sinister subtext.

While he didn't write the song, Lynch says he drew inspiration from his previous breakup in his performance of "Party Mode," launching from a recent breakup into a new chapter of singledom. Below, the singer shares why he selected "Party Mode" as his next single -- and why the song almost never got cut in the first place.

The odds were stacked against "Party Mode" because of the title. And in hindsight, talking to [producer] Zach [Crowell] about it, he thought the same thing. As songwriters, we see a title called "Party Mode" in our inbox, and [we] go, "That's gonna be absolutely terrible."

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After talking with Jerry Flowers, who sent it to us, he framed it as: "This is either the worst song of all time or it's a big ol' hit for ya. I don't know. But it feels special, so I've got to pitch it to you."

I heard it, and I loved how country it was. It was a flavor we haven't done yet, a subject matter we haven't done yet. We debuted it down at Crash My Playa, for the first time live, and it just feels really good. It makes me wanna dance. It makes me wanna pour a drink, even though it's about a breakup, and [also] reminds me of going through the weeds of that and not being able to sleep for weeks on end after it.

I'm excited that it signifies a new chapter for me in my life personally, but also that it's a fun song and [fun] subject matter to follow "Thinking 'Bout You" with. We were kicking around [another album track], "Stars Like Confetti," [to possibly be the next single] as well, but that felt like it was a little too close to "Thinking 'Bout You." So "Party Mode" raised its hand.

Dustin Lynch, "Party Mode" Lyrics:

Well, there ain't no changing how it all wound up / She took off flyin' in a cloud of dust / Now I ain't sayin' that it don't hurt / But I got a 90 proof way to make it work

Drinking every single drink, seven nights a week / All over this town / Doing that thing I do, running from the truth / And burning it down


Party mode, party mode, party mode / That's how it goes, how it goes, how it goes / Neon lights, honky tonks 'til they close / Party mode, party mode, party mode

I sure do miss her and what we had / But there ain't no future in looking back / So I keep on rolling and moving on / I hope she comes back, but if she don't

I'll be drinking every single drink, seven nights a week / All over this town / Doing that thing I do, running from the truth / Bartender, one more round

Repeat Chorus

Oh, I'll be drinking every single drink / Seven nights a week / At every bar in this town / Doing that thing I do, running from the truth / And burning it down

Repeat Chorus

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