ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- The first night of KVSC's 45th annual trivia contest came to a close at 2:00 a.m. on Saturday. Well, Kind of. At the 2:00 a.m. hour teams were given a "homework" assignment so while no questions were being asked for four hours teams had two crossword puzzles to work on. Teams had to email in their answers to the puzzle by morning to get 100 points. All the questions in the crosswords needed to be solved to get any points.

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This year's theme is Camp Trivia and already on the first day a good sampling of questions about camps or with "camp" in the question were asked.  A couple of sample questions and answers from the first day are:

From Hour 3 (worth 25 points):  In the early 1970s a future Rock N Roll Hall of Famer recorded her very first album at an unoccupied MN Summer camp using many local musicians. Who is the artist and where was the camp located?  ANSWER:  Bonnie Raitt, Enchanted Island on Minnetonka

From Hour 7 (worth 60 points):  On page 6 of the 1983 book St. Cloud the Triplet City there is a photo of a band posing in front of a band shell taken in 1888. What is written on the base drum on the left side of the photo?  ANSWER:  St. Cloud Union Band.

Stefan's Dream 25: Aurora Stefanis is in first place with 2,590 points. Stefan's Dream is the New England Patriots or Kansas City Chiefs of St. Cloud Trivia. They have won the last three contests, 5 of the last 6 and 11 total. After the first day, your top 10 teams are:

RankTeam NameTotal Score
1Stefan's Dream 25: Aurora Stefanis2590
2Church of the Voo Doo Panties, WAAAY Too Tight2485
3Popcorn 3: Spooky Cabin Ghost Story2450
4Team Squirrel2435
5It Just Doesn't Matter2415
6What Would Learned Pigs & Scooby Doo2380
7Pull-start Diesel2325
8Meyer Meyer Pants on Fire2285
9Our Boob Tube Pitches a Tent2255
10Sigma Phi Nothing2220





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