ST. CLOUD -- A Stearns County jury has found a St. Cloud man guilty for his role in the kidnapping and rape of a woman at a St. Cloud park last fall.

Twenty-two-year-old Abdirahin Omar Ali has been convicted on three counts of 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of kidnapping. The jury also found the crimes were committed with aggravating factors such as the assault was committed by a group of three or more, the victim was subjected to threats of death and she was subjected to multiple forms of sexual assault. The Stearns County Attorney's Office says those aggravating factors allow for a maximum sentence of 30 years.

Abdi will be sentenced in December.

(Photo: Stearns County Jail)
Mohamed Hassan Abdi - Stearns County Jail
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Twenty-three-year-old Mohamed Hassan Abdi is also charged with three counts of 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of kidnapping. He was scheduled to face trial starting on October 21st as well, but decided to waive his right to a jury trial and will instead have his case decided by a judge. That trial is scheduled to get underway Friday.

Sahal Abdi Hassan - Stearns County Sheriff's Office
Sahal Abdi Hassan - Stearns County Sheriff's Office

A third man was sentenced for his role in the attack in April. A judge sentenced 25-year-old Sahal Abdi Hassan to 15 years in prison for aiding and abetting 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct.

St. Cloud Police were called on a report of a sexual assault on October 18th, 2020. The woman said she had been kidnapped by a car full of Somali men who were talking in their native language, drinking liquor, trying to kiss her, and threatening her.

The woman said they stopped at a park and a man later identified as Hassan brought her to a slide and raped her. The woman said she was brought back to the car and forced to perform a sex act on a man later identified as Ali.

The victim was then dropped off at a location and sought help from a homeowner in the area. She was brought to the hospital for a rape examination.

DNA testing through the exam determined profiles matching Hassan and Ali. Abdi's DNA could not be ruled out from a mixture of sperm cell fractions collected during the examination.

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