Is decorating pumpkins too mainstream for you? How about decorating a scarecrow?

The Stearns County History Museum is hosting a Scarecrow Challenge for fall 2020. This contest started on September 19th, and runs through October 23rd. Participants are invited to create their own scarecrow and share it online:

Create your scarecrow, take a picture, and share it with us for a chance to win a prize! Follow this page to keep up with updates, rules and instructions, and to see others' creations!

The official rules are as follow:

  1. Make your own scarecrow at home, using whatever materials you have. Get as inventive and creative as you wish.
  2. Take a photo of your scarecrow creation, and feel free to invite family and friends in on the photo.
  3. Post the photos to the official event page using the hashtag #stearnscarecrowchallenge
  4. The photos with the most "likes" on their scarecrow will be the winners. There will also be a staff-voted winner.
  5. Winners will be announced when the contest ends after October 23rd.

I'm racking my brain for things I have sitting around my house that would make a good scarecrow. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • An old t-shirt
  • A ball you could draw a face on
  • Pumpkin for a head
  • Broom for arms
  • Funny hats
  • Snorkle mask/old swimsuit for a summer theme
  • Pillow for a body
  • Last year's Halloween costume to make it extra festive
  • Christmas ornaments to make a Holiday themed scarecrow
  • Glow sticks to make it glow-in-the-dark

If you make a scarecrow, share it with us on the 98.1 Mobile App, we would love to see your creation!

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