NORTHFIELD -- The Northfield Police Department says the investigation into a missing 6-year-old has led them to a Stearns County Park.

Northfield Police Chief Mark Elliott says cell phone data tracked 6-year-old Elle Ragin to Mississippi River Park shortly after she went missing on June 19th.

Authorities say on June 23rd, a Stearns County Deputy made contact with the girl's mother, 39-year-old Lisa Wade in the park next to her vehicle. Wade told the deputy she lost her phone and car keys while hiking in the park and needed help. Authorities say she was alone at the time.

Elliott says when they learned of the park location, multiple law enforcement agencies were called in with police dogs, drones, dive teams, and boats to search the park and the Mississippi River.

During the search, authorities say they found Ragin's cell phone in the park and Wade's cell phone and purse (with her license and keys) in the river.

Elliott says they have been able to find a video of Wade at multiple locations between June 23rd and July 2nd, but Ragin was not seen with her at any time.

Ragin's whereabouts are still unknown.

The case remains active and Mississippi River Park remains closed to the public until further notice.

Authorities began searching for Ragin after Wade's body was found inside their Northfield apartment on Saturday. She died of an apparent suicide. It's believed Wade was involved in Ragin's disappearance before taking her own life.


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