If you have ever wanted to experience the 1800s you have your chance with this cabin built during the Civil War.  This cabin is super rustic, with no modern amenities.  You will be completely off the grid and unplugged.  But if your life has become so chaotic, or you want to show your kids what it used to be like before all of the technology that we have now, this is your chance to do that.  If even for a weekend.

Take advantage of what nature has to offer.  Go hiking, paddling on the nearby river, get out the canoe, kayak, explore the area, and play a few board games by lantern light.  It's like Little House on the Prairie near Long Prairie.

If you feel that you are a grill master, there is that available on the site along with a fire pit.  Bring a guitar and have a singalong or tell ghost stories.

The description on the airbnb website lets you know exactly what you are getting by renting this cabin.

There are two antique beds in the bedroom, and for hygiene, there is an outhouse and a washbasin. The cabin can house up to four guests and is entirely off the grid, so there’s no electricity but guests have access to lanterns. There is a functioning kitchen with a kerosene stove. Outside, you’ll find a fire ring and barbecue facilities.

Wondering how much you need to pay to rough it?  $70 a night.  Not too bad.  You can check out the rest of the pictures here.  It's just one room, so it won't take to long to see everything.

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