The history of the Thayer Hotel in Annandale begins with a fire in 1894 that burned down the original hotel on that plot of land, the Charles Hotel. In 1894, Annandale did not yet have a fire department, and by the time the closest one got to the scene, many buildings in downtown were lost.

A year late in 1895 a new hotel was built thanks to funding from both the Soo Railroad Company and Albert Augustus “Gus” Thayer. It originally operated as a Railroad Hotel boasting 22 guest rooms, it was also the first building to have gas lights and then electricity which came in 1905.

The hotel has hosted many guests over the years. Rumor has it that Al Capone even stayed there renting out the entire third floor for his men when he couldn't get to his island hideout on Bungalow Island on Clearwater Lake.

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By the mid-late '70s the building was in rough shape and many people wanted it torn down. But with the help of  Mrs. Julia Barkley, the building was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, preserving it from demolition. After years of renovations, it opened again as a hotel in 1985.

It has changed hands a couple of times since then and is now operating as a 12 room Bed and Breakfast.

Now for the alleged paranormal activity that takes place there...

Abbey Minke
Abbey Minke
loading... wrote about the Thayer Hotel:

 As the years progressed, more and more haunting tales emerged regarding the Thayer’s Bed and Breakfast. These tales have emerged from people who simply passed through and lodged at the hotel, as well as from locals who live in the same area of the haunted bed and breakfast. Strange noises are heard by guests, such as footsteps and thumping.

The spirits of Gus and Caroline Thayer are said to reside in the building as guardians to the hotel. They are viewed as friendly spirits who simply work to assist the current owner in her work.

The spirits of the women who would work to entertain the men who traveled through the city and stop at the Thayer’s Hotel are also said to have taken residence at the hotel. These women apparitions have been seen throughout the building and have been known to be a little nosey with the belongings of the women who stay at the hotel.

Guests have also reported the presence of ghost cats in the building.

HauntWorld rates the scare level of places they research, and the Thayer has a scare factor of: "Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)".

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