If you are a Starbuck's coffee fan, and you normally hit up the Starbuck's location in Waite Park on 2nd Street in the Marketplace Shopping strip, you will need to find another location... at least for awhile.

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It seems like right now is the time of the remodel, or taking advantage of staffing issues, and revamping the insides, and also the outside of businesses.  This particular one is obviously taking time to do both the inside and outside of this Starbucks location.

If you check out the location on social media or on their website, you will see that it says that they are closed temporarily.  If you drive by the location, you will see that big things are apparently happening.  So, looking forward to what will beome at that Starbucks location.  It will possibly look like the most recent location downtown St. Cloud in the former Perkins location.  It looks very modern and updated.

If you are in the Waite Park area and would still like to get your Starbucks fix, you can go to Target - located in the Crossroads Mall and visit the Starbucks inside the store. Also - Starbucks also just added the feature where you can order your coffee drink on the app, and they will bring it out to you.  Just like going through the drive-thru at the other location.  Perfect.

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