People say that change takes time, and it really does, but I can’t believe the amount of change I have seen in myself since starting Sta-Fit’s Spark program as a 6-week challenger in June.

I started with the mindset that I would do the Six Week Challenge, and then go maybe a couple more months and call it quits. What actually happened was that I fell in love with the program. Now I have been going 3-4 times a week for the past seven months. Here's a look at my progress:

1) My clothes fit differently.  Since starting Spark, I have gone from wearing large t-shirts back down to mediums, and even mediums are sometimes too big. It has been about 5 years since I was in that size of clothing. I also dropped an entire pant size from women's 13 to 11.

I finally did a closet clean out over Christmas and ended up donating half of my clothes because they were too big.That felt great!

2) My daily routines have changed for the better. I attend the 6 a.m. Spark class at Midtown, and my body is 100% adjusted to waking up at 5, getting to the gym, warming up, and then killing it in a class. My internal clock is totally set for those workouts, and it is actually making me much more alert throughout the rest of my day. Waking up and challenging myself not only gets my body ready to tackle my daily routine, but it keeps my mind sharp as well.

3) I’m more conscious of what I am putting into my body. In the past seven months, I have gone from just eating whatever to asking myself: “Will this food help me in my next workout, or cause it to be harder?” That doesn’t mean I don’t indulge every now and then; I believe in all things in moderation. It is just that now I am thinking ahead and wanting to fuel my body with food that is going to make me the best version of myself I can be.

4) I have way more energy. I recently went on a trip to Orlando where our group did seven theme parks over 4 days. We were walking an average of 10 miles a day, and since I had been training with Spark in the months leading up to the trip, my stamina was the best it has ever been. I was leading the pack and so full of energy. Even when we would get back to the hotel after a long day, I would still be energized and ready to go on the next adventure.

That has translated to my daily life as well. I have the energy to get through my busiest days and not feel completely exhausted when I get home.

5) My strength and confidence have both grown. Naturally I have gotten stronger from the weight training incorporated with the class, and because of it I am seeing more muscle definition in my body. I was working out at Sartell on my own a couple weeks ago using a mirror to check my form, and I had to double take. The person I saw looking back at me wasn’t the same person I saw 7 months ago.

This new person was leaner, more defined, and a lot more confident in what she was doing. Plus my butt looked like a whole new butt! I was floored at what I saw in my reflection and it was all the more motivation to keep going on this Spark journey.

This all started with a Six Week Challenge. If you want real results, I can’t recommend Sta-Fit’s Spark program enough. It has really changed my life for the better. The environment of the classes is fun and supportive, and the people participating are all on a similar journey. There is something to be said about surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals.

Here's a look at how excited I was when I first started this:

A really great thing with Sta-Fit's Six Week Challenge is that you don't need to be a member to sign up! The cost of the program for the six weeks includes a membership for that time so you have complete use of all three locations, plus your Spark classes.

The next challenge starts Feb. 24! Click here to learn more and get started.