The Nook in St. Paul is a hot spot for food, drinks, and good times. It is a place on my own personal Minnesota eatery bucket list. The restaurant has been featured on Food Network's Diners Drive-IN's and Dives, and is known for their famous Juicy Lucy burgers, and dollar bills pinned to the walls and ceiling.

For decades, patrons have been pinning dollar bills up to sort of say "I was here". The co-owner Michael Runyon says it's a tradition that began by a regular named Maggie who was moving overseas. She had the idea to leave the dollar in the bar so that when she came back and was thirsty, the dollar would be there. Other people saw it, and started adding their own, and now the basement ceiling is full of dollars from people leaving their mark on the establishment.

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Fox 9 reported  that employees spent hours carefully removing $6000 worth of money from one side of the room. The money will be donated to the Alzheimer's Foundation to help fight a disease many people from The Nook have family and friends battling.

The team at The Nook aren't looking for praise for this project, they are just hoping the money finds its way into the right hands and helps battle a terrible disease. They are hoping that everyone who pinned a dollar up can have a sense of pride knowing that money is going to help a good cause.

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