Ever since The Olde Bricke House came to downtown St. Cloud; there's been a real feel for Irish in the air.

For two years now, we've enjoyed great festivities in downtown St. Cloud in the month of March; and this year is going to be no exception.


The city has had St. Patrick's Day Parades in the past, but apparently it has been quite a while. According to the St Cloud Times, The St. Patricks' Day Party & Parade are still in the process of approval; however Mayor Kleis felt confident that there won't be any obstacles to getting the parade approved.

I spoke with Jolene Chatfield, General Manager of The Old Bricke House earlier this year on "It Matters with Kelly Cordes" and she had told me they have been excited about the past years; and try to learn more with each experience. This years plans sound like we will have a fantastic event that's even bigger and better than before; and that they really want to have a place for families to participate in all the fun; not just adults.

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