ST. JOSEPH -- A new business focused on holistic health is coming to St. Joseph.

Eating, Elevated is scheduled to open this summer in the same building as the new KPower Yoga Studio. Each business plans to utilized half of the building, which is currently under construction.

Owner Ellie Anderson says their goal is to help provide answers and solutions to someone's health dilemmas.

Whether it's sleeping poorly, poor immune system, trouble losing weight, we like to get to the root cause of that. We do that through Nutrition Response Testing and a wide variety of therapeutics to help aid the body to feel as optimal as it can.

Anderson says with her St. Michael location rapidly growing, she felt this was the right time to grow the business.

In the last year, we've grown to a staff of 27 employees, many of them nurses who have decided to become practitioners. One of our employees has a connect to the St. Joe area so we thought now is the opportunity to expand the business.

Anderson says she's excited to continue to cater to a new group of people and help them find a healthier and happier lifestyle.

She says they hope to be in their new location by June 1st.

Until then, Anderson says they have a temporary set up across the street from their new location to help answer questions and provide more information.



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