St. Joe man Ted Bechtold is in the Ukraine teaching English and also running a side project where he and a friend go from Kiev, where they live, to Kharkiv, Ukraine which is near the front line in the war with Russia.  He says they deliver food and aid to the people there.

Bechtold explains that every time they've been there they've heard shelling within about a mile away.  He says they can't feel or see the shelling but they do hear it.

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Bechtold indicates he was in the Ukraine for 6 months before the war started and returned 2 weeks ago.  He says he's felt pretty safe in Kiev despite bombings at times over the past couple of weeks.

The United States and western Europe continue to aid the Ukrainian war effort.  Bechtold says based on the conversations he's had with both Ukrainian and American soldiers fighting on their behalf, they are appreciative of the help from the U.S. and western European countries.

Bechtold indicates that where he's at in Kiev hasn't received a direct attack but locations just north of the city were completely destroyed by the Russians and civilians were executed.

Bechtold would like to continue to offer aid to the Ukrainian people but he says money is running thin to pay for the food and diesel that is needed to deliver these items.  If people would like to help in Ted's efforts the information to donate money is below.

PayPal name is
Or Magnifi Financial in St. Joseph with a check made out to me also works.

Also Ted's instagram is @tedbechtold if people want to stay up to date with his work.
If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Ted Bechtold it is available below.

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