I'm from central Minnesota, born and raised. As a kid I was always intrigued by ghost stories even though they freaked me out. For whatever reason, I can't pass up a good paranormal tale. I've heard my fair share of ghost stories over the years. If you're looking to explore some paranormal hot spots in our area, here are St. Cloud's alleged most haunted locations.

1. St. Cloud State University's Shoemaker Hall. As the legend goes, Shoemaker Hall is a paranormal gold mine. I used to attend SCSU and knew several people who lived in the residence hall and reported strange happenings that they couldn't explain. Many students are familiar with the story of the student who was having an affair with the janitor, became pregnant and hanged herself in the meat locker. We're not sure if there's any truth to that story, but it's told by students especially around Halloween.

2. The Skatin' Place. Growing up in St. Cloud, I've heard the Skatin' Place ghost story many times. It's allegedly haunted by a young boy who drowned in a nearby pond. As the story goes, the boy likes to make his presence known to the people who work there by making noises and turning on and off faucets and light switches.

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3. St. Cloud State University's Miller Center. The basement of the library is allegedly haunted. When the library was built, the remains of old St. Cloud settlers were found and removed. The library currently sits on the site of an old graveyard.

4. Pioneer Place. Many people have reported paranormal encounters at the theater throughout the years. Actors, employees and even customers have claimed they've had ghostly experiences.

5. The old D.B. Searles building. Apparently, this building used to be an old funeral home at one time. As legend has it, some of the old spirts still haunt the building to this day.

Do you know of another paranormal hot spot in St. Cloud? Share your ghost stories with us in the comments below or email ashli.overlund@townsquaremedia.com.

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