Over the weekend I stayed up at a cabin on Leech Lake. There was a stack of books in the cabin, and being a bookworm myself I grabbed one off the shelf. It was called "Too Hot, Went To Lake: Seasonal Photos of Minnesota's Past".

Thumbing through it, I stumbled upon a picture of a group of bald men all touching the head of another bald man. Turns out the photo is from St. Cloud's very own Bald Headed Men's Club.


The photo depicted Russell Ackerman being inducted as the club president back on February 5th, 1954. The caption of the photo detailed a little bit more about the club. Their theme song was "No Grass Grows on a Busy Street", and any member who combed his hair over to cover the baldness was kicked out.

This club was claimed to be a national one, but the only chapter ever formed was in St. Cloud originally started in 1938 and enrolled as many as 40 members.

I think this Bald Headed Men's Club needs a revival in the place it was born!

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