Yes, it sucks to lose SCSU Hockey head coach Bob Motzko to the University of Minnesota program -- we can all agree on that, but as uncomfortable as change can be; How many national titles did SCSU win under Motzko?

Not trying to be a petty idiot -- but really, just asking. (See Adrian Peterson & Super Bowls.)

By the way, I appreciate the classy handling of all of this by St. Cloud State Athletic Director Heather Weems. Tough times for sure.

Motzko helped to elevate the program to national prominence, so now who can take it all to the next level. State of Hockey, yes. Blue blood, fancy arena, Gopher-only college success -- NOT IN THIS STATE. Let's Go Huskies in the next era.

I will go buy SCSU season tickets on day-one when they become available. #Support

I'm a Gopher alum, and this makes me want to kick their pretty hockey asses even more. Sorry Bob. Go Huskies.

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